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Meet Dr. Ranjiv Hayre

I am proud to be a dentist. It’s a profession that allows me to give back to our community by delivering ideal, patient-centered care and improving each person’s life. I learn all I can about each patient, beyond their clinical concerns. The better I understand their goals, concerns, and lifestyle, the better I can create the right care plan for them. I want to help people develop healthy, lasting smiles, and that starts with listening.

My love for dentistry started when I was three: I knew then, I was going to be a dentist and never wavered in my focus. My mother was a dental assistant and I grew up around the dental office. I loved being there and saw the environment as fun and exciting.

I’ve been practicing here in Mill Creek since 1996 and cannot think of a better place to be. We are extremely lucky to serve such a wonderful community. I still consider myself a relatively young dentist, but there is nothing more enjoyable than watching the growth of our patients over the years. I’m honored to be seeing the children of patients I’ve been caring for since they were children. They’ve grown into amazing adults and I’m happy to still be sharing in their lives.  Dr. Ranjiv Hayre

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Hayre believes his patients at Progressive Dental deserve the perfect care approach for their clinical and personal needs. Each year he completes many hours of continuing education to refresh his knowledge and add new techniques, procedures, equipment, and technology. He enjoys the challenge of staying at the forefront of progressive dentistry.

For the past few years, Dr. Hayre has been involved in a regional CEREC® Study Club. He also attends meetings, lectures, and seminars, learning from the leaders in oral healthcare.

Professional Memberships

Personal Life

Dr. Hayre was raised in North Seattle, only ten miles from Progressive Dental. He and his family live in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood. Dr. Hayre and his wife, Nanette, were married in 1999. They have three amazing children: Quinton, Aidan, and Sophia. The couple’s lives revolve around their children and they couldn’t be more proud of them.

Nanette has a master’s degree in psychology and had a career with Child Protective Services. She currently has the full-time job of managing the family, including Dr. Hayre!

With the children currently between 10, 12, and 14 years old, Dr. Hayre and his wife are constantly shuttling the kids to their many extracurricular activities. When he does have free time, Dr. Hayre is an avid Seattle sports fan. He also loves to get out and go running, as well as spend time on the golf course.